Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Glymm bag!

Unlike Glossybox which I'm pretty much always disappointed with, Glymm hasn't let me down yet. There's always at least one or two products I love, plus the makeup bags are just great! I used them to organize myself while traveling. So far I've set up a overnight kit (for quick overnight trips so I don't have to run around searching for stuff) and an emergency kit (full of band-aids and such). On to this months Glymm bag products!

Evolvh UltraShine Shampoo & Conditioner I really like the scent of these, kind of masculine. They do a good job of cleaning my hair and don't leave it too heavy, as I have fine hair and it's easy to weigh it down. Leaves my hair really manageable with a minimum of tangles.

La Fresh waterproof makeup remover wipes I haven't tried these yet, but I love that they're individually packaged. These went straight into my overnight kit so I most likely won't try them for a while.

Bentaberry super moisturizing face cream for girls this is an OK product, I don't really like the smell (it reminds me a bit of musty towels) but thankfully it dissipates quickly. Like the name says this is really moisturizing.

Villainess Dulce en Fuego Whipped body creme omg I love this, this smells amazing. Like toasted marshmallows with just a hint of spice. This leaves my skin feeling powdery soft and I'm REALLY tempted to buy a full-size of this, even though I rarely buy expensive body creams.

The bag this month is ok, I can't say I'm in love with it like I was last month. I might just give this to my mom or sister, but we'll see if I can't find a use for it.

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