Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Friday #2: Fashion Envy

I read Refinery 29 fairly regularly and I've noticed a lot of negative comments in regards to the price of the items they post about. Yes a $5000 jacket is out of most people's budgets (mine included) but I don't really understand the hostility towards the Refinery 29 team for posting these items. Yes, it's probably unattainable but isn't looking at ridiculously gorgeous and overpriced items part of the fun of fashion?

 I don't regularly go into Holt Renfrew with the intention of buying anything (Holt Renfrew is the Canadian version of Nordstrom/Barneys/Bendels/Harvy Nichols/Harrods) because I know it's not in my budget. However I do love looking at the amazing items that are so wonderfully made (honestly the quality of most of these things is just stunning) and thinking maybe one day I'll be able to purchase this, or start saving for that special item if I can't wait (like the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag pictured above which I bought last night).

When I find those special items that make my heart start to beat faster, I don't get down (unless they're crazy expensive) I just start saving. Yes the majority of high end fashion is out of my budget and I can't get everything I want. This doesn't make me lash out at websites such as Refinery 29 for posting images of these items. I think people take fashion too literally and need to start realizing that fashion is FUN and not a competition. Spend what you can on what you want and don't let envy ruin the experience.


  1. Very nice post. I feel the same about enjoying the high priced items, as well as those items totally unsuited to me and my lifestyle but that look gorgeous on others. For me, seeing the high-end styles gives me inspiration for DIY or for finding similar items at second-hand stores.

    Being upset that one can't have everything is so high-school!

    1. Agreed! I guess some people just like to be downers.

  2. Hi Alysia. I really like that Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag and that's my next big purchase. Found your blog through the bbloggers blog hop.