Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lavanila Vanilla Coconut Rollerball Review

So I'm not the biggest fan of super sweet artificial scents. If a scent is sweet that's fine, but I really don't like it when it feels like it's giving me a cavity just from smelling it. Lavanila's Vanilla Coconut scent toes this line perfectly for me. It's become my go to fragrance now that the weather has cooled down. It's warm and inviting with a hint of tropical that makes you think of a beach vacation.

This scent seems to be popular with men and women alike as well as I frequently get told I smell amazing whenever I wear this. I think this would be great for travel, as the size is perfect to throw into your carry on and fits TSA standards. Also cost-wise this is budget friendly at $25CAD. If you like sweet but not cloying scents then I recommend you check this one out. I have my eyes on the Vanilla Lavender rollerball next when the VIB sale happens.

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