Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Glymm Box

I picked this up a bit late, as the post office that my packages gets delivered to is out of the way so I can't always pick up my post right away. This months Glymm Bag was ok in product selection, mostly because one product isn't for me at all and I've received the other product before. The bag, however, is my favorite so far and the stuff I can use is really cool.

1. Johnson's Baby Oil: This is a promo item for the soon to be released Glymm MAMA box. While I'm not a mother, I do use baby oil for extra moisture in the winter in addition to my moisturizer so I like this travel sized version.

2. Lash Card: I don't really have issues smudging my mascara but I'll keep these around.

3. Femme Coture Lightening Lash Mascara: A full sized mascara which is awesome. I've only used this once and I found it very wet and smudgy... maybe I do need those lash cards. I'll keep testing it up but it doesn't really stand up to my Maybelline Falsies.

4. Cyberderm H2O Hydration: I've received this before in a Glymm bag but I like this packaging much better. It's like the L'Occitane hand creams rather than the syringe like packaging I received before.

5. cyberderm Every Morning Sun Whip: A zinc oxide based cream that is supposed to be used in conjunction with the H2O Hydration as it's supposed to be very light. I generally prefer my SPF to be built into my moisturizer so it's one less step I have to do in the morning.

6. Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme: So this is the product clearly not for me as a) I have fine hair that weighs down easily b) my hair is straight and not curly c) I'm not African-Canadian which the product is marketed for (I checked out their webpage) so I'm going to give this to a friend. It smells amazing though.

Pretty happy with this bag this month, other than the Buttercreme which smells so good but I fear the grease factor if I use it in my hair.


  1. It looks pretty cool! Shame the glymm bag isn't available in the UK! Found you through the blog hop :)

    1. Glymm has so far been my favorite of the subscriptions :) It's generally pretty good.