Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion Fridays #1: Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion by alysiamansfield 

Sadly summer is drawing to a close and school will be starting up in just a week or so. I am really excited for fall though as it's my favorite season to dress for. I've put together a few key pieces that I think are great additions to to anyone's wardrobe.

1. A Classic Leather Jacket - I bought a black jacket (similar to the one above) while I was in Italy and I've owned a brown one for years. This is a great investment piece that will be great from early fall into early winter, and again when the weather starts to warm up in March and you're sick of the bulk of your winter coat. Try and pick classic shapes and styles so that they last you for years. I've had my brown leather jacket for 5+ years and I still wear it all the time. 

2. A Cardigan - The one pictured above is the Wilfred Diderot cardigan which I received for Christmas last year. I love having layers that are warm enough that I can skip the coat when the weather starts to get a bit cool. I like the fact that this isn't in a classic shape, and the sweatshirt material makes this super cosy while not looking sloppy. 

3. A Layering Tank - This one from Talula I own in a bright pink colour and I love that the lace pattern gives an outfit a bit of texture. I have a huge collection of little silk tanks that I find at Forever 21 for super cheap (we're talking around $20 each) that I can throw on under blazers or cardigans that look a bit more pulled together than a basic ribbed tank. These layers are great year round, as you can wear them on their own in the warmer month (I love pairing them with maxi and pencil skirts in summer) and just throw on a blazer or cardigan in the cooler months.

4. Black Skinny Pants - I'll admit, I was a bonafide jeans girl until recently. I didn't own any pants that weren't jeans until I bought ones from H&M (Around $40 CAD) and the pixie pants from J-Crew (around $120 CAD). I love how these make an outfit that much more pulled together than if I was wearing jeans. The only issue I have with the pixie pants is that I have yet to figure out how to do the back zipper up on my own, embarrassing to say the least! Any tips on that?

5. A Slouchy Sweater - This one from Wilfred (I think it's called the Balzac sweater) is to die for. I own it already in a leopard print and in a pretty dusty purple but I really want it in a nice dark grey colour. These sweaters are super comfy but you look pulled together while wearing them (noticing a theme? Comfy but pulled together is the name of the game).

6.  Scarves - I love scarves, they're a great way of adding pattern and interest to a boring outfit. I never spend a lot on scarves and I tend to pick up new ones only when I travel. Scarves are also easy to toss into a bag if you start to get too hot, which makes them great layering pieces in the early fall when the weather goes from frosty in the am to hot in the afternoon. 

7. Flats - As I commute to school I need comfortable shoes that will last me on the days that I'm out of the house for 15+ hours a day. Simple ballet flats are an easy no brainer choice when I wake up at 5am and am not fully functioning. I own a pair in black and nude which go with everything so I don't have to worry about my shoes clashing.

8.  Ankle Boots - I am in love with these Tom ankle boots and have yet to find them in my size.  I want these for days when it's too cool to wear my ballet flats but I don't feel like pulling on my knee high boots. 

There you have it, some of my key pieces for fall. I tend to stick with easy pieces that wear well when I'm commuting for super long hours. I find it really easy to get into a rut with what I wear to school because I have to wake up so early and am gone so long so I'm going to try to make an effort to dress a bit better this year. 

What are your key fall pieces?  How do you stay out of a fashion rut when the weather cools down and all you want to do is wear hoodies, uggs and yoga pants? 

Also! check back Monday to Friday next week as I'm doing a review everyday on my Julep Maven August box!


  1. Love this! The color palette is so muted and pretty, and the Toms boots are so cute and probably very comfy.

    xoxo Cassidy

    1. I know I want them so badly, but everywhere I go doesn't have my size to try them on :(