Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: Simpatico no 8, Solid Perfume

Smooth, creamy and sweet, this delectable blend of sugar and cream is nested in a bed of freshly shaved coconut made to comfort and envelope you in layers of bliss.

I tend to not wear a ton of fragrance, mostly because I forget to apply it after getting ready! This solid perfume from Simpatico travels easily so I like to put it in my purse so when I do finally remember that I meant to put perfume on, I have one that's easily accessible!

The scent of this perfume is very sweet coconut, perfect for summer. I don't find it too cloying which is nice because it could very easily fall into the too sweet category. The scent lasts for about 2-3 hours on me before fading completely and stays very close to the body the whole time. This is a super reasonably priced product, just $12 at Chapters/Indigo book stores which is where I picked up mine on a whim.

I'm for sure packing this little guy in my carry on for when I travel, as it won't make a mess (like liquids that leak sometimes do) and its super portable.

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