Thursday, June 28, 2012

Italy Haul: Kiko Cosmetics!

All my Kiko purchases!
When I was in Italy for 3 weeks I really wanted to find makeup that I couldn't get back home. Visits into Sephora didn't turn up much, it was mostly the same product. On my daily walk to school I saw Kiko Makeup Milano Cosmetics. Kiko was a great place to pick up everything from mascara (I bought a purple one for less than 6 euros), Nail polish (they were having a sale, 2.50 euro each!), lipstick (2.50 euro) and eyeshadow (4.90 euro). At such great prices I slowly built up a collection. I didn't go too crazy (my roommate bought 6 nail polishes by the end!) but I did pick up enough to get a feel for the brand. Kiko is available in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal and the UK. The quality was great for such cheap products, the nail polishes went on smoothly and dried super quickly, great pigmentation in the eyeshadows and lipsticks as well.
A closer view of the eyeshadows and lipsticks I got
I got a lovely grey-taupe colour that is a great all over shadow, as well as their blackest black which I`m currently using as a liner. I was boring with my lipsticks and stuck to coral-pink tones. They had a BB cream out, but by the time I went to go purchase it they were sold out.
Lipsticks and Eyeshadows swatched

If you are ever in Europe looking for cheap but good cosmetics I HIGHLY recommend this line.

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