Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Body Shop Eyeshadow and Blending Brushes

I've been wanting to add a back up eyeshadow and blending brush to my brush kit for a while and when the Body Shop had one of their buy 2 get 2 sales on I picked up the blending and the eyeshadow brushes from their line. The prices weren't bad, $15 for the eyeshadow brush and $18 for the blending brush which is quite affordable when compared with my favorite MAC brushes.

These brushes however don't stand up well at all when compared to the more expensive MAC brushes. I love my 239 and 217 brushes, the 217 is perfect for blending and applying concealer so that it looks natural and feels soft on my sensitive under eye area. The Body Shop version feels scratchy and doesn't apply nearly as smoothly as the 217. I've tried washing it/using my MAC brush cleanser on it and it still has really stiff fibers.

The eyeshadow brush has longer bristles than my 239 brush, and while it's OK at putting colour on it takes much more time and product to achieve the same look that I would get with my 239 brush.

I'll keep these brushes for now as backups and for doing other peoples makeup, though I think I might save up and get another 217 brush from MAC so I can have one for blending and one for concealer once school starts up again.

Overall rating: Save your money, for $10-15 more you can get the MAC brushes which in terms of quality you just can't beat.

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  1. I have the foundation brush from the Body Shop! It does not feel scratchy at all, it's really soft! But it is quite difficult to blend your foundation properly.