About Me

My name is Alysia, I'm a 26 year old university student in my second year of studying History.

I started blogging because I love makeup but don't have a whole lot of real life friends who are as crazy about it as I am. I wanted a creative outlet in which I'd be able to share all the thoughts and ideas I had that people in my day to day life didn't care about. Occasionally you'll find travel posts (whenever I travel) and the odd music post on here as well.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

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  1. I read through your blog and found that you and I have used a lot of the same makeup. I love the Urban Decay eye primer...sworn by it for about a year now. Also, since you like to do monthly sample subscriptions, you should try Birchbox. A lot of people that I know get Birchboxes and they're supposedly really good. I was going to get a subscription soon.