Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Clearly Contacts Free Glasses Review

These are my new glasses. They cost me all of $37 CAD. I had finally gotten my pupillary distance (The distance between your pupil. You need this number to order glasses online. Apparently you can do it yourself, but I went to to my optometrist and they did it for $10) because I knew I wanted to buy my next pair of glasses online ($600 at a Lenscrafters when I could get the exact same pair online for $190? Guess which one I'm picking). On my facebook page a little ad popped up for Clearly Contacts free glasses promo (they do a few of these a year so just be patient). I decided on these frames in about 10 minutes, placed my order and walked away. I figured for $37 even if I hated them at least I wasn't out a ton of money.

I had ordered them on a Thursday and they had come in the mail by Tuesday. Talk about fast turn around! The best part? I love them! They're the perfect geek chic glasses that I've wanted for a while. My prescription is perfect and other than needing to get some minor fit adjustments they fit my face really well. If you've been looking at getting new glasses why not give Clearly Contacts a try? It's a great way to try out a style you're not 100% sure will suit you because the out of pocket cost is so minimal.

On Thursday I'll post about tips for buying glasses online, like how to pick out the best style for your face.

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