Thursday, July 19, 2012

Haul Post: Shopping with Starry Eyed Beauty!

Topshop necklace and lip glaze
So on Tuesday I went and met my friend Christine aka Starry Eyed Beauty at the mall and we did a big(ish) makeup shop! I kept myself pretty well in check and only bought a few new things to test out. I haven't seen Christine since we wrote our British History exam way back in April, so it was great to catch up!

First up is this adorable necklace from Topshop that we both got for $18. I really love wearing delicate long necklaces and this ones 3D shape makes is really interesting. I also snagged Topshop's lip glaze in bubblegum which was around $11. I've tried it once and it's not too sticky and the colour is really nice, but I thought Topshop was supposed to be cheap? I find their prices to be a bit much considering the quality of the garments... I do really like their accessories though for more trendy pieces.

Next up I bought the St. Tropez tanning mouse and mitt from Sephora. I try to avoid tanning in the sun because skin cancer runs in my family and I'm super pale so I burn really easily. I am getting really sick of people telling me I'm pale though, as right now I'm tan for me! I even had a sales girl at Origins scoff at me when I said that.  

Miss Glamourazzi, Fleur de Force and Elle Fowler have all raved about this self tanner and as they're all fair skinned girls I thought I would take the risk and try it. I will report back and fingers crossed I don't turn into anything resembling a member of Jersey Shore! The mouse is rather expensive, at $38 for the smaller bottle, but with recommendations from three of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus I figured I'd take my chances.

That little pink thing is the Sephora Precision Pore Cleansing Pad which retails for $7. It's a cute little exfoliater that works with your cleanser to scrub away dead skins. I've used it already and it's gentle enough for my sensitive skin, plus it feels a bit more sanitary to use than my body shop scrub brush for my face as this dries really quickly. 

Last but not least (and kind of out of focus... oops!) are the three things I bought from MAC! Now I only bought two with Christine because the MAC we went to had terrible service and kept us waiting for forever! I bought the 15 slot palette which I will give you guys progress as I fill it up as well as my first eyeshadow for it, All That Glitters. I've got some MAC eyeshadows to depot and I can't wait until I have this filled! I don't live near a free standing MAC that sells palettes so I've been putting off this purchase for a bit.

The other thing I bought from MAC I picked up on Wednesday which I had meant to buy but was too irritated to wait for them to help me find the product was the Cream Colour Base in Pearl. Amarixe used it in this tutorial and it looked so pretty and I don't currently have a highlighter so I took her suggestion and made the purchase. I can't wait to see how it looks with my daily makeup :)

I felt like I had a lot of bags at the mall, but when I gathered it all together to shoot it for this post I realized I hadn't actually bought that much. I'm really excited/nervous to test out the self tanner and after a couple of uses I'll be sure to post a review up!

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  1. haha i can't believed the origins girl was like "no comment" but its okay! :D i have yet to test out the origins bb cream, but im excited!
    and yay for necklace twins ^^