Saturday, May 19, 2012

MAC and Drugstore mini haul

Here's a mini haul of what I purchased today. Went to shoppers this morning because they have the Revlon Lip Butters on sale for $4.99 this weekend. Miss Glamorazzi aka Ingrid recommended the lollipop shade so I picked that up. I already have the peach parfait and sweet tart shades that I purchased earlier.

I also picked up the Sally Hansen insta-dri nail polish in presto pink and lively lilac on sale for $4.99. I'll post pictures and a review soon.

From MAC I picked up their brush cleaner which I had never used before. Confession: I'm terrible at cleaning my brushes regularly. Simply shameful the state I let them get into. I'm going to try to get better though at regular cleanings.

Miss Glamorazzi in her makeup starter kit video raved about MACs lipglass in pink lemonade, so I splurged and picked that up as well. I don't know if I love this yet from the quick test I did but I did it over bare lips and I have very naturally pigmented lips. I'll try it over my peach parfait tomorrow and report back!

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul and see you all again soon!


  1. hey you!! so happy you have a blog now :D:D i want to get pink lemonade next time i go to mac since i have enough to bac to mac for it :D:D
    hope you love the revlon lip butters x

    1. Love the lip butters so much! I find pink lemonade to be kinda streaky on my lips... I'm trying to love it but having some trouble :(